Foursquare Anywhere: Advantages

Foursquare Anywhere's cutting-edge technology provides the information, control, and efficiency you need to withstand the ups and downs of a turbulent economy and to stay competitive.

Just Your Best Desk Manager

Now you can have your best desk manager on every deal. With Foursquare Anywhere, one central desk manager, using his computer or mobile device, can work multiple deals from multiple locations. Plus your central desk operation can be located anywhere — at your main office, any dealership location, or even from home.

Greater Profits

With a central desk manager, deals can be structured to meet company goals with respect to your company's strategy for inventory turns and profits. Watch your F&I grow with Foursquare Anywhere. Your best desk manager knows how to maximize both ends of a deal. With one central desk, the way deals go back to the sales reps are consistent. Plus the data of each and every deal is stored in your DMS or on our secure servers. Problems with sales of aftermarket products are easily spotted. With that information, underperforming sales reps can be trained and brought up to speed. You then set new goals based on improved performance. No more shooting from the hip.

Empowering Your Sales Staff

Your sales reps will love that they no longer have to stand in line waiting for the attention of a busy desk manager. They'll be with their customers running various financing scenarios themselves. And, most important, while the desk is working the deal, your sales staff remains with their client reinforcing the feature benefits of the products being sold.

No More Runaway Customers

Eliminate the "runaway customer." Customers won't be frustrated as their sales reps disappear "behind the curtain" to talk with the manager. The speed and transparency of the transaction will please your customers. And you know happy customers not only come back for future purchases, but they also spread the word to their friends.

Trade Shows

When working offsite, it's just as easy and efficient to negotiate and close deals. And all you need is your smart phone or mobile device. It is that simple. Your "desk" can be hundreds of miles away "desking deals" in minutes. Foursquare Anywhere makes negotiations and closing deals easy and fast.

In-Store Kiosks

Some customers love to shop using in-store kiosks. With Foursquare Anywhere, you'll be able to monitor what customers are looking at, so you can be ready for any questions they may have.

Monitoring from Anywhere

Foursquare Anywhere gives you numerous management reports to completely track, measure, and monitor all sales activity. You view all activity uninterrupted. And in real time. Data supplied includes ...

  • Prospecting efforts
  • Follow-up efforts
  • Training
  • Watching web traffic in real rime
  • Ability to push a live chat feature
  • Sales conversations
  • Offers received
  • Offers in-process
  • Offers completed
  • And more

Live Chat

Our Live Chat functionality allows chat operators to ...

  • Secure email and other contact information from shoppers for follow up
  • Provide product information
  • Push chat invitations to engage shoppers

Secure Systems

The Foursquare Anywhere DMS allows you to grant access to the foursquare app to your staff securely and safely. When there is a turnover, it's easy to remove personnel from access to the information, even if it was stored on a personal device not owned by you.

"I love the way it keep me connected to those customers looking to purchase ..."
Daniel Scoggins